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Massage Services

Full Body Massage
1 hour-$85
1 ½ hour-$125
The one-hour massage includes time for an entire full body massage or focused time on certain areas to relieve tension. This massage is ideal for stress relief and relaxation.
The hour and half massage allows time for a full hour body massage and an extra half an hour to focus on key areas that are suffering from tension. This massage is ideal for neglected, stressed and tight muscles

Hot Stone Massage
1 hour- $115
1 ½ hour- $145
This unique experience is unlike any other hot stone treatment. Hot basalt stones are used as part of the massage and glided over tenses muscles to melt away tension. Instead of placing stones, your therapist will incorporate them during the session, giving the feeling of relief.

Deep Tissue Massage
1 hour- $115
1 ½ hour- $145
Deep tissue massage therapy is similar to a full body massage, but deeper pressure is used to release chronic muscle tension. The focus is on the deepest layers of muscle tissue and tendons. This massage is ideal for stiff neck, tightness in the back and sore shoulders.


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